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Geranium Gin-70cl

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or many years, I have been working with gin in tastings and seminars and as a judge at international spirit competitions. And having tasted hundreds and hundreds of gins I thought that the spectrum was a bit stereotype and that it could be a challenge to create a new gin that drew the extents of the London Dry Gin predicate to the limits.

When researching for the perfect recipe for a ‘new generation gin’ I discovered that the geranium plant had been used for centuries for healing purposes against depression and fatique along with juniper, coriander and lemon which are the base ingredients of almost every gin. And when my chemist father made the chemical analysis of the geranium we found that the same essential oils were present in most fruits, berries and spices that are being used for making gin based cocktails. And combining my knowledge within gin with my fathers chemical skills we achieved to create this recipe for what became one of the worlds highest rated gins.


• London Dry Gin at 44% ABV
• Distilled from 100% pure grain spirit made of the best English wheat
• Fresh and dry botanicals: juniper, geranium, lemon, orange, coriander, cassia, orris, angelica, liquorice
• Botanicals are matured for 48 hours and distilled in ‘Constance’, a 100 year old gin copper pot still
• Proudly distilled by Master Distilller ‘Rob’ at Langley Distillers, a 200 year old family owned distillery
• Active components in geranium: linalol, geraniol, geraniol formate, borneol, citronelol and rose oxide
• Tasting notes: Crisp and floral nose, light taste of juniper with sweet notes from cassia, orange and liquorice


• Awarded in 17 different international spirits tastings
• Nominated The Best New Spirit in England
• Nominated The Best New Product in Germany
• Winner of Best Gin & Tonic by Imbibe Magazine
• Winner of New York Times Spring Cocktail Competition
• Winner of Schweppes Nordic Cocktail Competition
• Winner of Danish Free Style Mixology Competition
• Winner of Swedish Bartender of the Year
• Winner of Best Christmas Punch Competition


• Winner of Schweppes Drink Lab
• Winner oif the Giffard West Cup 2017
• Winner of IBA WCC Before Dinner Competition
• Winner of IBA WCC Short Drink Competition
• Winner of IBA WCC Flair Cocktail Competition
• Winner of IBA WCC Super Final Competition
• Multiple winner of the Danish Cocktail Championship
• CLASS Magazine rating: 5/5

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