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CVA-Vermouth Mata Blanco-Reserva

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Mata Vermouth blanco er lavet på en familieopskrift som går stammer fra begyndelsen af 1900-tallet og afspejler familiearven fra generationers vinfremstilling. Patrick Matas forfædre har produceret denne håndværksmæssige spanske vermouth i mere end et århundrede og udviklet den perfekte opskrift over tid. Efter at have solgt den originale vingård i 1970’erne i Malaga, laves Mata Vermouth nu i den nordspanske provins Bierzo. Denne vermouth falder ind under kategorien af, hvad folk nu kalder “sipping vermouths”.

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EGEN IMPORT/ SKARP pris på top Vermouth
Dating back to a family recipe from the early 1900s, Mata Vermouth blanco reflects the family heritage of generations of winemaking. Patrick Mata’s ancestors have been producing this artisanal Spanish vermouth for well over a century, and developed the perfect recipe over time. Having sold the original winery in the 1970s in Malaga, Mata Vermouth is now made in the northern Spanish province of Bierzo. This vermouth falls under the category of what people now call “sipping vermouths”. It is sweet, yet bitter, and perfect served over ice on its own with a wedge of orange. The Mata Vermouth resurrection has always been a personal dream of Patrick Mata, co-founder of Olé & Obrigado. His family sold these vermouths in the US prior to prohibition. Now, almost 100 years later, he is thrilled to reintroduce these historic beverages back into the country. Bringing these artisanal vermouths into the market is a way of honoring his loved ones from generations past, while offering the discerning aperitif drinker something special and unique. The vermouths of Europe are seeing a renaissance in the US. The Mata family offerings represent a provenance in family tradition, which brings flavors of old into the present. While the exact blend is a secret, some of the dominant botanicals are star anise, saffron, mint and thyme. Mata Vermouth provides unique flavor, longstanding history and pedigree winemaking in every sip.

Blend of Doña Blanca and Godello


The vinified wine macerates for approximately 40 days with various roots, flowers and savory herbs. Examples include bitter orange peel, sage, thyme and star anise. Once maceration is complete, the vermouth is filtered and slightly fortified. Wine spirits are added, along with a small amount of grape must, to create a rounder mouthfeel.



Om Producenten

Vinos del Atlantico står for nogle af Spaniens bedste køb og så er vinene tilmed dyrket efter økologiske principper.

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