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Highland Park. Spirit of the Bear 1 liter

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Preparing for battle, Viking warriors believed they could harness the great bear’s mighty power and stamina by wrapping themselves in its skins. These fearless warriors became known as ‘berserkers’, their name derived from the old Norse words ‘ber’ – bear and ‘sekr ‘– skin.

Our island home on Orkney was under Viking rule for over 600 years and their myths and legends have become our own. Intensely smoky with a bold spiciness, SPIRIT OF THE BEAR is inspired by our Viking ancestors’ resilient nature and fierce independence – characteristics that sit at the heart of our whisky making today.

“… his men rushed forwards without armour… and were strong as bears… but neither fire nor iron told upon themselves. These were called Berserker.”

The Ynglinga Saga, Chapter 6, Of Odin’s Accomplishments

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