Feist Vintage 1989

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Deep purple colour. Stands-out in the nose the enchanting fragrances of ripe fruit and a subtle floral touch. Velvety and round in the taste, with an attractive sensation of freshness conferred by the fruit. Complex and persistent end.

The wine should be stored in a fresh, dry and dark place, without temperature variations, and the bottle must remain in a horizontal position. This wine can be kept in bottle for an indefinite period, without any damage to the quality of its proprieties and character. Once opened, it should be decanted and consumed within 2 to 3 days. The periods here suggested are merely for guidance, not implying the deterioration of the wine but only a slow evolution that can lead to the loss of its original sensorial characteristics. The explosion of fruit and the singularity of the style justify the extraordinary marriage with rich chocolate desserts, like chocolate fondants with redcurrant sauce or black chocolate mousse. Blue or hard cheeses, “Serra da Estrela” type, are also an excellent combination. The exceptional quality of this wine makes it unique and worthy of being enjoyed alone or with a pleasant cigar. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 14 ºC.

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Alcohold Procent

20 %


75 cl



Om Producenten

I 1836 rejste de to tyske fætre H. og C.J. Feist til London, hvor de grundlagde et firma med henblik på portvinshandel. I 1870 udvidede de med et kontor i Porto. Kontoret i London blev under 2 verdenskrig bombet, hvorefter al virksomhed blev koncentreret i Porto. I 30erne blev selskabet overtaget af portvinshuset Barros-Almeida. Størstedelen af druerne indkøbes eller hentes på Quinta de São Luiz.